Let's grab some mp3!

"Mexican Hatdance" full mp3 (0'54, 1Mo) "Atomic Packer" full mp3 (4'10, 4,8Mo)

"Plagnète Pectine" by Dr Morose and Perplex Barquettes (Jim Nasty rmx): a total industrial blasting remix of "Planet 16", a track from Puyo puyo and me!

ROD DROID split with WERMUT - 7" released on Kernkrach/Hertz (Hertz 006)

  A1- Wermut "An Die Natür"
A2- Wermut "On The Telephone"
B1- Rod Droïd "Ma Jolie Trottinette" (full mp3 - 3'55, 4,6Mo) >lyrics!
B2- Rod Droïd "Lotek Warrior" (mp3 is 1min only!) >lyrics!
Order it: on Kernkrach's website, at backagain (distributor), hoersturz (another distributor!)
or send me an e-mail (better if you live in france) 

Price 7€ - Limited to 500 copies

SHARK CUT E.P. (mini cdr 8cm)

Shark Cut EP is a tribute to slaughterhouses and food industry in general. The six tracks tell the story, in chronological order, of what happen from the farm to your plate. The samples come from recordings I have made when I was working in the freezer of pig meat factory during summer 2002... The others sounds are done with an Atari and an old Korg Sigma analog synth. 19mn of neo-dada-industrial-core!

Released on Discottes, a label from

1 - convoi du bétail: "mes ptits animaux" >lyrics!
2 - abattage: "Le couloir aux longs couteaux"
3 - congélation: "Frozen Terror"
4 - conditionnement: "Barquette enragée"
5 - distribution: "GigaDristriMarché"
6 - intoxication: "la cervelle déshydratée" >lyrics!